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We may or may not be “friends” on Facebook, but if we are, it was for a reason.  We know each other as kids or have some of the same interests.  Whatever that relationship, I notice when we are not linked on Facebook any more.   So, to keep track I’ve decided to name those that have chosen to sever ties.

Here’s a list of the individuals who have unfriended me on Facebook and how I knew them.

  1. Grant Baciocco – Fellow LA podcaster
  2. Alisa Cunnington – Went to Bixby Elementary together
  3. Rodger Bradfield – Another Bixby Elementary alum, unfriended on 10/16/11.  Rodger chose to not brush his teeth at 6th grade camp and instead just sprayed his mouth win Binanca.
  4. Paige Roice Adams – A fellow Wilson alum.  We worked together at Heidi’s Frogen Yozurt on 2nd Street “back in the day”.  She used to call Diet Pepsi “too spicy”.  I still don’t know what that meant.
  5. Brandy Sanchez – Classmates at Wilson High School, unfriended on 12/30/11.  A New Year’s purge? Brandy inexplicably was accepted to UCLA from high school.  Perhaps it was for her extraordinary partying abilities.
  6. Jaclyn Smith – I have no idea who she was or why she unfriended me.  Who were you?
  7. Elayne Haven – Former co-worker of Laurie’s.  I did go to her wedding, but that was probably the last interaction I had with her.  Probably for the best.
  8. Matthew Ebel – A musician that I played on my first podcast, Razing Giants.  He says on his page, “This is my personal profile. If you’re a fan, please find me over at http://facebook.com/matthewebelmusic”.  I’m going to pass.
  9. Amy Spruengli – I’ve know Amy ever since elementary school.  We’d ride the bus together to Bixby Elementary.  Recently I made a comment on one of her posts on Facebook that apparently pissed her off.  It was a mistake on my part for sure, but very petty to sever ties.
  10. Daniel Radford – Apparently he’s a fellow Pike from Long Beach State judging form the friends we had in common.  Never met him and never interacted either online or IRL.
  11. Alana Stevens – Friend of a friend.  Don’t know why, but I’m guessing it’s political because of the time of year, but I’m don’t post much political unless it’s hilarious.  I’d be interested in the reason for the unfriending.
  12. Crystal Parker – I met Crystal through Cub Scouts.  Her ex-husband attends the same church that we do, though I’ve never seen here there that I can remember.  Crystal was good for a random bikini pic on Facebook.
  13. Bill Palmer – The first person that I’ve unfriended that I thought warranted a blurb here. Unfriended for being a first rate asshat. His latest status update, “A conservative is someone who “loves America” so much that he hates American minorities, resents American poor, bashes American gays, belittles American women, and threatens to take up arms against the American government. If that’s not you, stop aligning yourself with conservatives.”
  14. Jacqueline VandeBeek – Jacqueline is the wife of my friend and podcast co-host Jeff Ainslie.  A resident of Canada, Jacqueline got the worst sunburn I’ve ever seen on a person.  Canadian or otherwise.  If you live where  moose share the roads and there’s snow on the ground 9 months out of the year, when you visit SoCal, wear some freakin’ sunblock woman.
  15. Robb Word – Robb (Two B’s? Really? Why?) is the husband of Amy, whom I know through cub scouts.  I believe Robb and I have spoken once at a neighbor’s party so, again, probably for the best.
  16. Joleen McKillip – Joleen is a friend of a friend.  Since I haven’t seen the friend in a couple years, it only seems right that I was unfriended.  This is my first Unfriend since reinstating this page and an anti-climactic one for sure.  Joleen has some seriously blunt cut bags and spells her name wrong.
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