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NaPodPoMo #20 – RunPunch.com Mention

Of course I’m going to hear.  I’m freakin’ Spartacus!

But seriously, it was hilarious to hear the guys at RunPunch talking about Running in Flip Flops, NaPodPoMo.com and Podcast30Days.com on their latest episode.  These are, of course, all my domain names.  They were all registered many moons ago.  And yes, the NaPodPoMo Ning site sucks balls.  I have to be approved?  Puh-lease.

Thanks for the shout out and back at you.

NaPodPoMo #13 – A Story by Nathan Turley

For the 13th show in November you get a story by 7-year-old author, Nathan Turley.  He was busy writing a story in his composition book when I got home right up and into dinner time.  After dinner he shared his story with us and with you.

I wanted to include a picture here on the blog, but alas, I can’t find his book now.  I will update tomorrow.

NaPodPoMo #7 – A Taste of Homemade Is Best

I do a food and cooking show with a food blogger, Helana Brigman.  It’s a great time each and every time we record.  We’ve had some scheduling problems as of late, but hopefully we’ll get back to recording on a regular basis.

So, on this 7th day of National Podcast Post Month, enjoy the latest Homemade Is Best.

NaPodPoMo #3 – Sexy Phones & Essential Apps

I was reading this article by the New York Times columnist David Pogue about Windows Phone 7.5 and came across this morsel.

Unfortunately, a long list of essentials are still unavailable: Pandora radio, Dragon dictation, Line2, Flight Track Pro, Ocarina, Instagram, Hipstamatic.

When did blowing into the microphone on your phone to simulate a musical instrument become “essential”?  How is taking a picture and making it look like 1973 essential?

The second thought for tonight’s show is “sexy” phones.  Definition of sexy:  sexually suggestive or stimulating.  About a phone?  Really?


NaPodPoMo 2010 #29 – The Penultimate Show of 2010

On this penultimate NaPodPoMo show of 2010, you get another Christmas show.  Christmas decorations are still going up and the tree lights are still being replaced.  Part of the problem is that these fake trees hurt the fingers and arms.  Ouch!  It will all be worth it in the end though, right.  Tomorrow Dave Moreno will be joining me for a discussion about fathers and fatherhood.  At least that’s what we talked about. We’ll see where it goes.  Join us then, won’t you.  It’s the big kick off show for 2010.  No pressure Dave.

Songs Played:
Silent Night by Karmyn Tyler
Snowflakes, Prayers and Memories by Marjorie Whitley
Our Winter Wonderland by Sunshine Collective

NaPodPoMo 2010 #9 – Greasmonkey & Netflix Queue Sorter

I tried out Cinchcast tonight.  My wife is sick and in the “studio” asleep.  I’ve been banished to the family room couch to record this podcast.  First, the headset that I used sucks out loud.  It was noisy and sounded terrible.  Second, Cinchcast adds a bit of audio to the front end of the recording.  I guess that’s cool.  The service is free and all but I can only imagine that they will add on advertisements on there at some time.  That’s the usual monetization strategy for this type of service.  In the past I used AudioBoo on my iPhone.  Recording audio on the iPhone actually yielded a lot better audio quality.

Either way, listen and read my review of the Netflix Queue Sorter and the Greasmonkey Firefox Add-on.

NaPodPoMo 2010 #2 – My Podcast Empire

So for show #2 I pulled out all the domain names that I’ve been hording.  I’ve decided that the time is right to create my podcast empire.  Work is slow, so ones mind turns to other things like, what am I gonna do for the next 20 years.  I enjoy design, but my passion is talking into the mic and creating content.  I’ve been doing it since May 2005 on the Razing Giants podcast and then with Fat Guy Radio and most recently, the last 3 years, with Fat 2 Fit Radio.  Obviously more shows is the answer, so that’s what I’m going to do.  More shows.  Here is the list of domain names that represent the shows I’d like to do.

  • greentechnica.com –  Green tech, news and products that save you some green
  • kringlecast.com – The venerable Santa Claus podcast for the season
  • lastwordintech.com – An irreverent tech podcast damn it
  • mousellaneous.com – A podcast about all things Disney and Mickey Mouse
  • saturdaysociable.com – Social media for PR, marketing, home, work, family and friends
  • webdevshow.com – Web development for the beginner
  • senselessbanter.com – Anything goes BS
  • homemadeisbest.com – A show about home cooking, recipes and eating clean
  • fat2fitradio.com – The best weight loss and fitness podcast around

I’ll be soliciting help on these shows.  Podcasts are always better with two people.  I’m hoping to make them more off the cuff and discovery rather than script.  If you see one that you’d like to help with, shoot me a message on Facebook and let me know which you’d be interested in.