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Google AppEngine Demo

9, Apr 2008

Great example of getting a simple application working on Google AppEngine.

I just updated my Firefox installation to the Beta 3 version. I’ve been using Flock, but when I heard Leo Laporte and one other person talk about how great Firefox 3 is, I had to try it out. Funny enough the last time that I opened Firefox my homepage was set to Pownce. When I […]

Okay, I’ve added the generic views for the podcast list and the podcast detail. These were fairly simple once you looked at the right examples and documentation online. I’d like to say that the create_object and update_object generic views were working as well. I’ve got the create_object working, but the update_object won’t work. If anyone […]

Alright, this seems a little embarassing. I’ve never put up code before for public scrutiny. I put up podcasts all the time that may be a little iffy, I make blog posts, but this seems different. I’m learning this and so I feel very naked posting this. But here it is any way. I’m not […]

I’ve had a bug in my bonnet to create a web application with Python/Django. I started this blog, under a different name, to get me started learning Python. That didn’t work so well, but the one thing that it did get me excited about is Django. I would like to build something in Django, I […]