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NaPodPoMo #7 – A Taste of Homemade Is Best

I do a food and cooking show with a food blogger, Helana Brigman.  It’s a great time each and every time we record.  We’ve had some scheduling problems as of late, but hopefully we’ll get back to recording on a regular basis.

So, on this 7th day of National Podcast Post Month, enjoy the latest Homemade Is Best.

NaPodPoMo #3 – Sexy Phones & Essential Apps

I was reading this article by the New York Times columnist David Pogue about Windows Phone 7.5 and came across this morsel.

Unfortunately, a long list of essentials are still unavailable: Pandora radio, Dragon dictation, Line2, Flight Track Pro, Ocarina, Instagram, Hipstamatic.

When did blowing into the microphone on your phone to simulate a musical instrument become “essential”?  How is taking a picture and making it look like 1973 essential?

The second thought for tonight’s show is “sexy” phones.  Definition of sexy:  sexually suggestive or stimulating.  About a phone?  Really?