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NaPodPoMo #20 – RunPunch.com Mention

Of course I’m going to hear.  I’m freakin’ Spartacus!

But seriously, it was hilarious to hear the guys at RunPunch talking about Running in Flip Flops, NaPodPoMo.com and Podcast30Days.com on their latest episode.  These are, of course, all my domain names.  They were all registered many moons ago.  And yes, the NaPodPoMo Ning site sucks balls.  I have to be approved?  Puh-lease.

Thanks for the shout out and back at you.

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  • Jed |

    Also wanted to just stop by and say thanks – not only for the mention, but for setting up Podcast30Days.com. We wouldn’t have learned about NaPodPoMo otherwise!