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Senseless Banter #5 – They Live!

Welcome to the re-worked show with new co-host, Brad Chowen!

In this return to the Senseless Banter podcast we discuss where Brad and Russ met and their common pasts. We also learn what happens when Kim puts on the termite pants.

We discuss the movie review movie, 50 Worst Movies of All Time. Brad’s seen quite a few which lead to a future screening of Blood Sucking Freaks. We also briefly discussed the John Carpenter cult classic, They Live!

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  • Brad Chowen |

    Hey folks……..Brad Chowen here…….For all of our listeners out there in case you are interested …….Here are the links to my Brad’s Movies, Tv and Other Geeky Adventures blog
    Today’s feature is a 2007 photo journey to the Kwik E Mart other features will include Ren Faire Pirate Festivals Comic Con Star Wars and Trek exhibits and Silly Movie Reviews……..I will post on this blog whenever a new Senseless Banter podcast is available for a listen…

    Also join my Brad’s Super Fantastic Terrific Pages of Movies http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brads-Super-Fantastic-Terrific-Page-of-Movies/178708865473822

    Where I do a movie of the day as a part of a top 10 countdown for each year AS I SEE IT………Alerts to new podcasts will be posted here as well.

    Enjoy and feel free to leave comments…..