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Senseless Banter #2 – Walking Dead Redux

Here on the second episode of Senseless Banter, Andy Wenger and Russ Turley discuss these super interesting topics:

  • Season finale of the Walking Dead.  Test your knowledge of the finale with a quiz off of the AMC website.  Our score: 80%
  • Congratulations to Julian Morales and Joy Buss!
  • We discuss Daddy Sings, our new music project.
  • True Grit, John Wayne, Mr. Blahg &  Erik Feten.

It’s a winner I if I do say so myself.

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One Comment

  • Bob |

    I’m a fan already, but
    A) I ain’t got time fer this sh*t
    B) Haven’t seen The WD, but I think I’d like it. You know -my favorite movie is Dead-Alive…the de-facto standard. The way I see it this sh*it shouldn’t take itself so seriously.

    Maybe I can banter w/you guys some time.