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NaPodPoMo 2010 #9 – Greasmonkey & Netflix Queue Sorter

I tried out Cinchcast tonight.  My wife is sick and in the “studio” asleep.  I’ve been banished to the family room couch to record this podcast.  First, the headset that I used sucks out loud.  It was noisy and sounded terrible.  Second, Cinchcast adds a bit of audio to the front end of the recording.  I guess that’s cool.  The service is free and all but I can only imagine that they will add on advertisements on there at some time.  That’s the usual monetization strategy for this type of service.  In the past I used AudioBoo on my iPhone.  Recording audio on the iPhone actually yielded a lot better audio quality.

Either way, listen and read my review of the Netflix Queue Sorter and the Greasmonkey Firefox Add-on.

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