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NaPodPoMo 2010 #5 – Gabbing About Zombies

Andy Wenger came by the house to record show #5 of my endeavors for National Podcast Post Month.  It’s all over the place, as it should be.  The idea was to  discuss Zombies in all their forms, movies and television, fast, slow, virus and drug induced zombies, but we go off on tangents like crazy.

The big things that you should take away from this show:

  1. Subscribe to Netflix for the streaming service,
  2. Watch Fright Night on Netflix,
  3. Watch Zombies of Mass Destruction on Netflix.

I’ll be giving my review of Zombies of Mass Destruction on a future show here.  Andy and I are thinking about doing a show called Senseless Banter that will be about movies, music and television.  Think of this as sort of a dry run for that.

Click below for 1 hour 22 minutes of pure gold.

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