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NaPodPoMo 2010 #4 – Stabbed in the Ear

So today I was called away from work to take one of my 6 year-old sons to the doctor.  It seems that a kid at his school decided it would be a wise idea to stick a sucker stick into his ear.  The pediatrician and an ENT doctor both said he has a punctured ear drum.  But, it does have a blood clot over it so there is a good chance that nothing will have to be done about it other than let it heal. I decided to get Nate, the afore mentioned kid, on the show and get his story.

We also played a song at the end of the show.  I don’t play a lot of music in the car for the kids, but when I do the odds on favorite is from the album Goodbye Planet Earth by Matthew Ebel.  Now this song is not a “podsafe” track, but it is Nate’s favorite song and he asked for it this afternoon on the way home from the doctor.  So, Matthew Ebel, if you read or hear this, we play it because it’s Nate’s favorite song and we love your stuff.  And for goodness sake, if you like Matthew Ebel’s music, head over to matthewebel.com and buy some freakin’ music.  It’s awesome.

Song: Everybody Needs a Ninja by Matthew Ebel

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