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NaPodPoMo 2010 #3 – Background Acting

On show #3 I talk to Dave Moreno.  Dave found himself out of work with extra time.  A friend had done background or extras work on movies in the past and she suggested Dave give it a try.  He only did it for a month, 6 jobs, but he has a lot of great information you should hear, especially if you want to get into this type of work.  It’s a great conversation.

We touched on the following topics:

  • getting started
  • pay & unions
  • craft services & catering
  • principal actors
  • sets and studios
  • do’s and don’ts
  • and more

I also found a couple of great links for those interested.

Dave’s going to be back for another show during November to talk about 80’s music.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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One Comment

  • Dave |

    Thanks for letting me blab, Russ. I had a great time and could have gone on about it! Looking forward to Saturday’s podcast!