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NaPodPoMo 2010 #2 – My Podcast Empire

So for show #2 I pulled out all the domain names that I’ve been hording.  I’ve decided that the time is right to create my podcast empire.  Work is slow, so ones mind turns to other things like, what am I gonna do for the next 20 years.  I enjoy design, but my passion is talking into the mic and creating content.  I’ve been doing it since May 2005 on the Razing Giants podcast and then with Fat Guy Radio and most recently, the last 3 years, with Fat 2 Fit Radio.  Obviously more shows is the answer, so that’s what I’m going to do.  More shows.  Here is the list of domain names that represent the shows I’d like to do.

  • greentechnica.com –  Green tech, news and products that save you some green
  • kringlecast.com – The venerable Santa Claus podcast for the season
  • lastwordintech.com – An irreverent tech podcast damn it
  • mousellaneous.com – A podcast about all things Disney and Mickey Mouse
  • saturdaysociable.com – Social media for PR, marketing, home, work, family and friends
  • webdevshow.com – Web development for the beginner
  • senselessbanter.com – Anything goes BS
  • homemadeisbest.com – A show about home cooking, recipes and eating clean
  • fat2fitradio.com – The best weight loss and fitness podcast around

I’ll be soliciting help on these shows.  Podcasts are always better with two people.  I’m hoping to make them more off the cuff and discovery rather than script.  If you see one that you’d like to help with, shoot me a message on Facebook and let me know which you’d be interested in.

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