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NaPodPoMo 2010 #16 – World Premiere of Daddy Sings

Just two short days ago I talked about the new project Daddy Sings.  I ventured out of the bedroom studio and headed over to the garage studio of Andy Wenger.  He and Eric Dunn, the other half of the dynamic duo behind Lake Dolores, were making gold as usual.  I spun a tale to them about dads singing to their children and enjoying the experience.  Well, Andy took that tale to heart and produced the first fruit that will be Daddy Sings.  He hit the ball out of the park with his first endeavor.  See what you think.  We also re-hashed the movies Zombies of Mass Destruction and the new AMC series The Walking Dead.  I’ve had a chance to check out both of them so we talked.    We discuss breasts and what a putz Carter Kirkwood was in High School.  We also played another Lake D song called Lineup.

WARNING: Many spoilers if you haven’t seen either of these shows.


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  • Fetus |

    Hey guys… love hearing you and Andy, it’s like walking into a time machine for me. Russ, I’ve been enjoying the blog and the podcasts…. Andy, simply great to hear you my old friend. I hope you like the name I chose for myself… I haven’t heard that name for a long, long time… 😉