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Which iPod are you?

I don’t usually write about these types of things on the blog, but I just finished watching the Apple iPod announcements and had to comment.  I don’t use a Macintosh, but I do use an iPhone and an iPod Nano.  Both products were mentioned in today’s announcement.

First, Steve jobs got on stage and specifically mentioned a huge problem that I’ve had with the latest version of the iOS, the slow (devastatingly so) performance of version 4.0 of the operating system on the iPhone 3G.  In the past couple weeks Steve Jobs did one of his infamous couple line email responses and said as much, but it was nice to hear that they are putting some work into making my phone, the 3G, perform more like it did with the 3.x verion of the OS.

New Nano PackageSecond, the iPod Nano.  I own a boxy, fat iPod Nano, not the latest two versions, but one a couple revisions back.  Jobs announced a new version of the player with a new touch interface.  Sweet!  It responds to multitouch, looks to be about the same size or smaller than my current version, and now has a clip.  What it doesn’t have is the video camera that the previous model had.  Boo!  They had a huge announcement about this feature, and now it’s just gone.  No mention at all.  What was also not mentioned, at all, was video playback support.  Now that screen is pretty dang small, even on my fat Nano, but it is nice to be able to watch a movie or video podcast on it once in a while.  The thing has incredible battery life.  I’ve never run out of power while watching video or listening to audio (my default use.)  Turns out, the new Nano doesn’t support video.  A look at the specifications shows no mention of video at all.  A further look at the comparison page of all the current iPod models also shows no battery life estimation for video playback.   Now, instead of paying $149 for a device from Apple that does video playback or records video, you have to purchase an iPod Touch for $229.

Apple can do what it wants to with it’s products.  That’s their right.  But I for one am done.  First my phone is partially disabled with a half baked iOS 4.0 that slowed down my phone so much it became almost unusable even to make phone calls.  But now they’ve neutered what I thought was the sweet spot in their product line, the Nano.

  • It was affordable.
  • It had great multimedia capability.
  • It was the right size.

Well, it was affordable.  As a multimedia device with video and audio capability, it was affordable.  Now, it’s a single purpose device.  It does audio only.  There are more affordable audio players on the market.  I’ve owned them and when my Nano dies, I will be purchasing one of those instead of the Apple product.  One positive, it’s still the right size, small.

Finally, on the iPod comparison page it asks the question, “Which iPod are you?”

My answer, in light of all the changes, has to be NONE OF THE ABOVE.

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  • Dave |

    The absence of a video feature was practically guaranteed now that a camera (featuring HD video) and FaceTime have been integrated into the new touch models. I’m actually considering selling a few older iPods I have to get the new touch.

    I did like the “new” Shuffle with buttons. I still have my 2nd-gen model; that 3rd gen model was a joke!

  • steven |

    I absolutely agree with you about the Nano – I’m thinking about grabbing one quick before they disappear. Video, radio, and a great size and weight for running/working out.