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This is why…

This is why you should watch the live coverage of Apple, and other, events on gdgt.com.  Yesterday’s Apple event was live streamed so the coverage wasn’t necessarily needed, but it is a must read for the insight and humor.

In case you can’t read the caption:

“9:54AM – All the players are here.  Cook, Forstall, Mansfield, Schiller.  No Ive, though, at least not from where we’re seated.  Maybe he’s back up in the balcony.  With a monocle.”

If you aren’t familiar with who Jonathan Ive is, he’s the designer responsible for the iMac, aluminum and titanium PowerBook G4, MacBook, unibody MacBook Pro, iPod, iPhone, and iPad.  He’s also English, hence the monocle.

Jonathan Ive wearing a monocle

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