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I Had A Skate Bike

Who had one of these? No one?

I was reminded today of the Max Skate Bike. My dad came home from work with one of these one day. Apparently someone was riding one of these down in Belmont Shore where his barber shop was located. They probably sold them at Jones Bicycle, which is why that day he came home with it.

It was at a time that I was looking to get an upgrade on my regular BMX style bike, rather than something new and weird. Looking back, it was weird, but it was really fun as well. I’d like one right now to scoot around the neighborhood, down to the corner mailbox or follow the little one around the block on their bikes rather than getting my own bike out for just that small bit of riding.

Enjoy the 80’s, day glow nightmare that is the Max Skate Bike commercial.

YouTube – Max Skate Bike.

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