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Favorite Apps: iVideoCamera

So, I’m sitting here at work with nil to do today so I thought I’d share one of my favorite new apps on my iPhone.  It’s called iVideoCamera.

I bought my iPhone a little over a year ago in October 2008.  I replaced an aging Palm Treo 700p that did all the things that the iPhone does with the exception of a couple items.  One was MMS which was added to the iPhone’s capabilities and supported by AT&T with a recent update.  The other big one was video.  The Treo took video and decent video at that.  The new iPhone 3GS was announced with video recording but us 3G owners were left out.  Nevermind that for many months jailbroken iPhones were recording video, “your 3G is not capable of recording video”.  BS!  Recently a few applications came out that enable my current 3G iPhone to now match the specs of my vintage Treo.  My favorite one is the fore mentioned iVideoCamera.  With one tiny purchase my iPhone was made feature complete and on par with my 2006 Palm Treo.

Here’s a video I took of our current rain storm:

You’ll see that the video has some of those weird movement artifacts that you also get with the new iPod Nano camera. It’s not distracting or terribly noticeable if you are not moving the phone around too much. The video above was shot at the low quality mode. It also shoots in high quality mode at 320×426 resolution. Low quality mode gives you much more recording time with the lower resolution video. To take video of your cat, it’s more than adequate.

iVideoCamera is only $0.99 at the iTunes App Store and it worth many times more.

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