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New Running Goal

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So the Turkey Trot happened on Thanksgiving day. I had said on the podcast and on Facebook that I was aiming for an 11 minute mile pace. That would have put me at around 34:06 for the 5k distance. Well, thanks to a fast start, fast is relative here, I completed the race with a time of 31:09. That’s just a 10:03 pace per mile.  Probably the best part of the race was that I got to run with guys that I went to Jr. high and high school with, Brad Chowen and Joe Padilla. Very cool. They both kicked my butt, Joe decisively and Brad just a little less so, but it was a blast none the less.

Now, I have run a couple times since Thanksgiving, but not regularly as I did training for the race. Without a race to train for, I find there is no reason for me to go out running. So my next 5K race is the Seal Beach 5K/10K on April 10, 2010. That gives me 120 days to train and get ready.


I’ve found the web site of Hal Higdon. He has outlined there on his site both an intermediate 5K program to get faster at the distance and a 10K training program, both goals of mine. I’ll be doing the 5K program for the first 8 weeks and then transitioning to the 10K program. That should leave me in good shape to get a new PR (That’s a personal record.)  Who knows?  At least I won’t run slower.

If you’re up to it, lace up the shoes, follow the Higdon program or the Couch to 5K program, and come running with me.   Believe me, I’m not setting the ground under my feet afire or anything. You can do it.

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  • Brad Chowen |

    I kicked off my training for Seal Beach today….Bought new running shoes and hit the beach……Starting a blog about the effort on Facebook…..See you there Russell