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Crappy Weekend is Over!

So the weekend from hell is now over. Let’s go over the crappy stuff that happened to me this weekend.

  1. My car was broken into and my GPS was stolen.
  2. I couldn’t go to work waiting for the crime scene unit of the police department to show up.
  3. The guy who fixed my broken window put 4 dents in my door that cracked the clear coat.
  4. My battery died and I had to replace it.

Luckily there were bright points to all this.  In between all this Halloween happened and I got more than one compliment on how much the children loved our house decorations.  I really had a good time setting it up.  I now see why people go through the trouble each Halloween.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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One Comment

  • Dave |

    Wow, that’s some crazy stuff. But I’m glad Hallowe’en sort of eased the pain of it all 🙂