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Survey Hints at New Digg Features

I found myself with a few minutes of downtime.  I checked out Digg, as one tends to do, to see the latest in tech news there.  I was offered and decided to take a survey.  It started out pretty generic, but soon turned to Digg related questions.  A few of the questions were about possible new features of Digg.  They were:

  • Digg Verticals
  • Digg Groups
  • Save to Read Later
  • Digg Breaking News
  • Customized Digg
  • Anonymous Digging

New Digg Features??

The idea that seems most desirable is the “Save to Read Later” feature.  I’m a big fan of Instapaper and use it on the iPhone all the time.  The inclusion of this type of feature would be welcome.

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