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Christmas Parade – The Final Days

Well, despite my desire to post each day of progress of the float, I was too busy putting it together to do that.  Oh wells.  Here is the float alost complete in my driveway.

Another one of the float in my driveway.

Lining up for the parade with the Long Beach Little League float behind us.  They were still building the float as they were lining up.  I couldn’t do that.

Steven and Jason doing some last minut decorating.  Steven played guitar on the float this year, his first time.  Jason is our drummer Travis’ brother.  He was a life saver helping out before.

Christmas Parade

Almost done.  We put up some silver mylar balloons to get the feeling of bubbles.  A few of them had to be moved.  Larry, singer and guitar player extraordinaire is there on the back of the float getting the chords all setup.

As soon as the video of the parade is shown and recorded and uploaded to YouTube I’ll post it here.

Merry Christmas!!

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