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Christmas Parade – Day 2

Today I picked up the truck and I think I’ll now officially call it a float.  Check it out below.  Chris Darjany did an great job creating the wave sides.  Tonight I pulled out the flat white latex paint and put a couple coats on the waves to create a clean palate to put on the lights and decorations.  And yes, it’s now in my driveway until after the parade.

The sides are pretty short.  Allison, voilin player extraordinaire, will be teetering on the edge of the float.  We’ll have to create some sort of handrail for her to hold onto so she doesn’t fall off.

Day 2 Float

The Belmont Shore Christmas Parade is coming up on Saturday, December 6, 2008. The parade starts at 6pm. Come and check it out and wave as the float drives by.

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