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Christmas Parade – Day 1

This year is the fourth in a row that my church is entering a float in the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade.  The theme is Winter Water Wonderland.  Pastor Chris Darjany used his skill on the saw to create the sides of the float.  Check them out below.

Day 1 picture of float

It’s boing to be a fun time and I’ll document the process here on the blog as we get ready for the pageantry.   We’re thinking that an Under the Sea theme will go along with the theme for the parade.  We may be wearing some Nemo style fish hats.  

Good idea?  

Seaweed poles will be next along with painting the waves.  Check back tomorrow for an update.

The Belmont Shore Christmas Parade is coming up on Saturday, December 6, 2008.  The parade starts at 6pm.  Come and check it out and wave as the float drives by.

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