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So I received an e-mail from my mother today warning me about gift cards and stores that won’t be around after the holidays.   I haven’t vetted the information in this e-mail, but put it out there anyway.  I’ll probably find out from Snopes or some other website that it’s all BS. “I wanted to give everyone […]

The wife is using the computer tonight so Utterli it is. I forget how cool Utterli is between times that I check in. I have to get on here more. My little boy, Matthew, is getting his tonsils out tomorrow. I’m nervous for him. Otherwise, rolling on with my NaPodPoMo posts over at Mobile […]

Hey listeners of the Razing Giants podcast!  This is Jingle and Jangle Elf.  We’ve hijacked the feed for today to bring you a little Christmas joy and sample of what you’re going to hear on this year’s Kringle Cast. Join us as we play the season’s best podsafe music from between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s […]

Tonight Santa Claus stopped by to talk about the Kringle Cast.  He’s getting back in front of the microphone with Jingle and Jangle to give it another go.  This time the Kringle Cast is going to be a music podcast, a Christmas music podcast to be exact.  Listen for it after Thanskgiving just in time […]

Tonight was party night.  The in-laws came over along with uncles and aunts to celebrate a couple birthdays.  My mother-in-law and Father-in-law have birthdays 3 days apart.  It’s like having your birthday too close to a major holiday.  It kind of gets smooshed together with the holiday and not so special. I’m still cleaning up, […]

A traditional Razing Giants podcast today for Day 14 of NaPodPoMo.  The old Podsafe Music Network is alive and well and busting at the seams with great new music.  Today I chose two songs from the PMN and one from a friend of mine. Songs Played Make It Work by Stratocruiser Rodeo by Lake Dolores […]

I get off easy again today.  Today is the release day of the season finale of Fat 2 Fit Radio.  It’s a roll call of who’s who on our support forum over at Traineo.  It’s very inspirational hearing everybody’s story of how they gained weight, lost weight and found their way to our little podcast. […]

The Kringle Cast was one of those good ideas that wasn’t totally completed.  The Kringle Cast was a show where Santa Claus and his New Media elves, Jingle and Jangle Elf would field calls and read e-mails from children.  It was started, there’s no doubt about that, but it wasn’t seen to it’s end and […]

For some reason, a dozen or so people a week end up at my web site, The Podcast Studio, looking for a Do-It-Yourself microphone stand.  I made a post back in March 2007 of a picture that I found on Flickr with a twisted up coat hanger.  While I call this microphone stand that I […]

Do you use Twitter? I do and have often wondered why someone follows me.  I do a bunch of stuff online and post about that on Twitter.  I keep up with friends and keep friends informed as to what I’m doing.  But a lot of times someone follows me that doesn’t know me, doesn’t care […]