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NaPodPoMo Day 4 – California State Measures

Vote ButtonIt’s election night and we, the citizens of the United States of America, have elected our first black president.  It’s a historic moment for sure, but it’s my belief that state and local government is more important in our day to day lives.  Therefore I run down the California Propositions on the ballot.  Things could change, there were only 15% of the precincts reporting when I recorded this.  Supposedly a lot of them were “too close to call”.  CNN can call who the next president is going to be at 8:01 when the polls close here in California, but local news can’t/won’t call a ballot measure with a 6% margin.

Here’s what my ballot looked like for the State Measures

Proposition 1A – Rail Bond: No
Proposition 2 – Farm Animals: Yes
Proposition 3 – Children’s Hospital Bond: No
Proposition 4 – Parental Notification: Yes
Proposition 5 – Drug Offenders: No
Proposition 6 – Law Enforcement Bond: No
Proposition 7 – Renewable Energy: Yes
Proposition 8 – Same Sex Marriage: *Ask Me*
Proposition 9 – Victim’s Rights: Yes
Proposition 10 – Alternative Fuel: No
Proposition 11 – Redistricting: Yes
Proposition 12 – Veterans Bond: No

Song Played: Here We Go Again by The Galaxies

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