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NaPodPoMo Day 3 – My Unused Domain Names

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Day 3 here on the show I talk about all the domain names that I mentioned on Day 1.  I took a look at the list of domain names and, boy howdy, there are a lot more than I thought there was.  Also Jen from Inside My Head and Hyper Nonsense checked in with a comment on the blog.  That’s funny that I just listened to her show called Me Me Me last night.  I subscribed to the NaPodPoMo combined feed and hers was the first one that I listened to.  Good stuff.

Here are my unused domain names:

  • HusbandlyAdvice.com – Advice from two thirty-something married, not to each other, guys
  • KringleCast.com – Call into Santa Claus and his new media elves, Jingle and Jangle
  • LastWordInTech.com – General Tech related show
  • DangerousBookShow.com – Show with my 10-year old about the Dangerous Book for Boys
  • SaturdaySociable.com – Inspired by an episode of Little House on the Prairie
  • ToolGirlTV.com – Home improvement with a hot DIY woman
  • SaucyPuppets.com – Puppet show inspired by Bender the irreverent robot on Futurama
  • TwitterPal.com – Something that I see someone on Twitter use all the time when welcoming new followers.
  • DjangoFromScratch.com – Blog/podcast about developing a web application using Python/Django
  • NaPodPoMo.org – Registered before I knew about the Ning site

Song Played: Breakdown by Dropkick

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  • Shawno |

    I stopped listening to the Adams Curry back in 2006. But I started again a few months ago, and I have to say, I’ve been enjoying the Daily Source Code episodes I’ve heard. He’s slowly going crazy, but it’s entertaining.