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NaPodPoMo Day 11 – DIY Microphone Stand

For some reason, a dozen or so people a week end up at my web site, The Podcast Studio, looking for a Do-It-Yourself microphone stand.  I made a post back in March 2007 of a picture that I found on Flickr with a twisted up coat hanger.  While I call this microphone stand that I created ghetto, the twisted coat hanger is soooo much more ghetto.  Here’s the picture compared with my regular mic and mic stand.

Ghetto microphone stand

The DIY Microphone stand is really only good for the handheld, SM58 style microphone.  I couldn’t attach the Heil pictured above to this stand.  I guess if  you really wanted to you could attach a 3/4″ PVC cap to the top of the stand and then drill and insert a bolt with the exact thread count and size as the microphone attachment clip.  This DIY mic stand, with a coat of black paint, would be almost passable Especially if you mounted it to a round piece of wood instead of the two chunks that I have pictured.

Song Played: <a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=91f6bc9ba66421768cc215f33ad693b7″>Lovin’ on a Big Hill by Geoff Smith

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