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NaPodPoMo Day 10 – Twitter and Qwitter

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Do you use Twitter? I do and have often wondered why someone follows me.  I do a bunch of stuff online and post about that on Twitter.  I keep up with friends and keep friends informed as to what I’m doing.  But a lot of times someone follows me that doesn’t know me, doesn’t care what I’m doing, and is purely looking for a follow to spout their marketing BS.  That’s not for me.  If the person following me looks interesting, I might follow them back to give what their doing a chance.  If not, no big whoop, no follow.

Then there are those individuals that you follow and they reciprocate by following you.  Sometimes they quit following and you’re left with wondering, “Why?”  Enter Qwitter.  It’s a service the plugs into Twitter and sends you an e-mail with the username of a former follower and your latest Tweet.  It can only be assumed that they read that latest Tweet and unfollowed.

And just like feedback on Ebay, one unfollow deserves another.  What do you think?  Why do you follow people on Twitter?  Why do you quit following?

How about following me at http://twitter.com/russturley.

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