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Windows Live Writer

I’m trying out Windows Live Writer here on this blog before any other.  I’ve heard so many people, on podcasts in particular, talk about how great it is that I had to try it out.  Most recently I heard Leo Laporte and Paul Thurrott on Windows Weekly mention it.  I didn’t go for the Beta that they discussed, but instead downloaded the current version. 

Deeper States Hypnotherapy Podcast GraphicI’ve got to say so far the interface is nice.  I may suggest this program to those that are technology challenged.  I’ve talked to one such person that is currently starting a podcast.  I walked him through the WordPress interface for making a post.  First it was the domain name.  We finally got that part right.  Then the username and password.  Check.  Then making the post.  Check.  The last part that he was missing was inputting a picture into the post.   I inserted the graphic to the right with no problem what soever.  So maybe this is the solution.

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