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Water Rates Increasing

I really had no other place to post this little tidbit of news and that’s really what this blog is for.

I live in the city of Long Beach, CA. I received a letter from the Water Department of Long Beach today that they are increasing the water and sewer rates. Bullshit, yes, but even worse was the reason for the rate increases.

Here is exactly what the letter says:

Why are Water and Sewer Rates Increasing?

The core costs of providing water and sewer service are rising in our region at a rate greatly in excess of general inflation. Additionally, the immediate and unavoidable need to reduce consumption of water due to an imminent, prolonged water supply shortage in southern California, has resulted in losses in water sales revenue used to fund core services.

WTF? I have curbed my water usage. My lawn is brown in spots only watering a couple days a week! I get a huge notice in my water bill every month that says “DON’T WASTE WATER” and the byproduct is less money in my pocket.

Thanks City of Long Beach! I’m going to go wash down my driveway.

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