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Muxtape alternative, Opentape

Have you ever made a mix tape for someone?

Way back “in the day”?

Well for a short while the modern day/Internet alternative was Muxtape. You were able to upload MP3 files to Muxtape and the service would create a nice interface for someone to enjoy your mix. Unfortunately they were shutdown this last week by the RIAA. However, there is an open source alternative that I just heard about and it fills the void and possibly betters the mix tape metaphor. Opentape is a the name of the project and their tag line is “a free way to make and host your own web mixtape”. There in lies the difference. Instead of Muxtape hosting your MP3 files, now you host the files. The Opentape software is easy to install. You basically upload it a directory on your PHP5 enabled web server and create a password. Login, upload your songs and you have a mix tape ready for sharing. I’ve created one out of random songs that I had in the root of my My Music folder on the old work computer.

You can hear it at http://snurl.com/muxtape.

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