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Viral Marketing with Twitter

They got me. I was sucked into it and all along I was really wondering what exactly I was reading. I’m talking about the Twitter account of Leonard Kendall, Senior Director of Applied Biotechnology. Ingen Bio Corporation – the leading private human pharmaceutical development company in the world. IngenBio started following me a while back and I couldn’t help but reciprocate based on the information on the Twitter account. Plus the picture was kind of freaking me out, which I dug.

I would view tweets as they came in and started to question what I was reading. At first it was tweets like:

Through a single ITC adjuvant, I can strengthen cellular resistance and induce an immediate immune system response!


Despite these small obstacles, I am considering Intragen test 40-CFR-05 a partial success.

But soon thereafter, it turned into:

I must destroy all of my work – the risk is too great. I know he will want to test it on humans.


I cannot allow them to have this technology. It is far to dangerous in the wrong hands. I created this to heal, not to destroy.

Bells started going off and I was starting to think that I’d been duped. Then last night a tweet with just a TinyURL was posted by IngenBio and I knew for a fact that no. 1, I’d been a sucker and no. 2, I’d enjoyed every bit of it. Here’s the MP3 that was linked to in the tweet.


Very cool, but way over the top. I started an investigation of what IngenBio was all about and didn’t have to search long before I found a post at Wikibruce and my search for the truth behind IngenBio came to an end. It turns out it’s a viral marketing campaign for a new graphic novel called Infex that’s making a debut at Comic Con. Check out the Wikibruce link for video and links to other media.

So with the information I have now, I think that I prefer this new reality of a marketing campaign for a graphic novel over a rogue biologist creating killer compounds in some lab. Oh, and from Fully-Verified network security is so lax that a researcher is using Twitter to spill the beans on that research. Why did I ever think that was was even remotely real? What a rube!

Also, what a great use of social media to get your project noticed. Kudos.

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  • Dr. Harlan Griffin |

    INGEN BIO is among the world’s leaders in pharmaceutical development and features the latest genetically engineered technologies in the world. Our goal is to meet the industry’s increasing demands for more effectively targeted research and medicine. Our program focuses on grievous illness, pathogen study and the seamless integration of our products with military protocol. There may have been some minor concerns regarding our strict security procedures, however, our facility allows us to isolate and leverage unconventional approaches, best suited to combat a disease.

    The loss of Dr. Leonard Kendall was a tragedy for our company, and his memory lives on in the research we continue eveyday. We at Ingen Bio believe that high-quality people make a strong, dynamic company. Ingen Bio understands this truth. We are always looking for dedicated individuals, to help us grow our industry, who wish to join a well-established group with plenty of practice growth potential.

    Dr. Harlan Griffin
    CEO / Chairman

    INGEN BIO Corporation
    Making your future better…today.