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Daily Tweets Disabled

Twitter AnyoneHow annoying are the daily blog posts generated by TwitterTools? Pretty damn annoying. Jason Watts from The History Podcast asked me what I use for these updates. I sent him the link, but thinking about it more, I can’t recommend this tool. For someone that is updating on Twitter all the time, #1, you need to get a job, and B, this is a great tool to get your tweets into your blog and keep it fresh.

However, if you’re a sometime updater like me, all of your better posts, or at least the more interesting posts, get pushed off the front page of the blog.

Not good.

I’m looking for a new tool, or for Alex King to update TwitterTools to create a configurable digest for posts. That might fit my need better if I could pull all the tweets into a weekly digest instead of the annoying daily.

Have you integrated Twitter with your blog? What tool do you use?

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