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Abdominoplasty Aftermath

So this week, on Wednesday, my wife Laurie had abdominoplasty. A tummy tuck. We have four (4) children, two of which were twins. I also have to add that my wife has a very short torso. All 3 pregnancies were way out there. They had to be. There was no place for the growing babies to go. She ended up with something called a diastasis rectus, which is a fancy couple words for separation the stomach muscles. That has now been fixed by a great doctor, Gary Solomon. He said the diastasis was the largest he has ever seen.

So why am I writing this. To share and to warn you about drains. Drains are, well exactly that. They drain fluid from the abdomen into a couple of bulbs at the end of tubes. Where do these tubes go? Directly through the pubic area and into the area where her skin was removed. Take a look at these illustrations.

No pictures, but be prepared if you or a loved one has this type of surgery. I was ill prepared for the situation. I’m making the best of it, but damn. I am a cold sweater and a fainter. Emptying and measuring the output of these drains is about all that I can handle.

I am a wuss.

Boy scouts have it right…”Be Prepared”.

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