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NaNoWriMo: Getting Ready

Writing with a QuillI’ve been thinking about my November challenge to myself and how I can accomplish the goal of writing a book. I was never a writer in school. I enjoy the process of writing, but I’m unskilled in the mechanics. Back in college, I got a good solid B in first year English class. In year 2, it wasn’t so above average. I remember scraping by with a C. I’m pretty sure I’ve partially blocked it from memory.

I’ve recently subscribed to the JenWriter Blog to be inspired and hopefully get some tips. I got my first one this morning. She linked to another writer’s blog that I’m also thinking I should subscribe. It’s about story structure and it uses the movie The Matrix to make the point. I can get my head around movie examples.

Diana Peterfreund: In Which The Author Contemplates Structure

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