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Inkjet Printers are Crap

I bought my last inkjet printer two years ago. It was thrown away 1 year after I bought it.


Multiple reasons:

  • astronomical price of the ink cartridges
  • astronomical price of print heads
  • inability to print black and white when a color cartridge was out of ink

I purchased a laser printer from Fry’s a year ago, and it’s been humming along making cheap prints ever since. If I want to print pictures in color, which was the only reason I purchased the printer in the first place, I send them to Wal-Mart and pick them up in an hour. Much cheaper.

I saw this video over a uneasysilence and it’s just another reason that you too, should ditch inkjet for laser.

The Dirty Little Secret of Inkjet Printers – video powered by Metacafe

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