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AppEngine = More Google Users

So I’m going through the Getting Started documentation on AppEngine, Google’s new hosted application platform, and I come across this great bit of information.

Reload the page in your browser. Your application redirects you to the local version of the Google sign-in page suitable for testing your application. You can enter any username you’d like in this screen, and your application will see a fake User object based on that username.

When your application is running on App Engine, users will be directed to the Google Accounts sign-in page, then redirected back to your application after successfully signing in or creating an account.

So if that means, what I think it means, when you use the Google user authentication, they aren’t signing up to be a user of your service only. They are signing up as a Google user. The pieces then fall into place why this service is free. Google is getting developers to create applications that will add additional registered users of Google services.

Got it.

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