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The Return of Razing Giants

Starting in May of 2005, until the unintended final show in December 2006, I did a music podcast called Razing Giants. It was a “weekly” podcast, and I use the term weekly very loosely. When I started my next podcast, Fat Guy Radio, Razing Giants suffered until it finally died. Apparently I can only do one weekly podcast at a time while having a full time job, a wife and 4 kids. I continued to play a song a the end of each episode of Fat Guy Radio, but now with the newer podcast, Fat 2 Fit Radio, we’re more focused on the content, so no music. So with all that in mind, I am proud to announce the return of the Razing Giants podcast.

Razing Giants podcast album art

I’m going to play pretty much any music that I like, instead of being boxed into any particular genre. It’s also not going to be only a music podcast. It’s going to be a sort of variety show of anything that I like and want to talk about. I’m planning on having as many of my friends that I can on the show and talking about anything and everything I can think of.

I’m going to be using the technology in the Podpress plugin to allow “category casting”. We’ll see how that works. I’ve never used it before. Shows will show up whenever, don’t count on any particular schedule. In the meanwhile, check out the archives of the old Razing Giants podcast. There are no show notes there any more, so don’t look, but the MP3 files are there for the listening from the site or subscribing to download the individual episodes.

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