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The Project: Podcast Directory

I’ve had a bug in my bonnet to create a web application with Python/Django.

I started this blog, under a different name, to get me started learning Python. That didn’t work so well, but the one thing that it did get me excited about is Django. I would like to build something in Django, I need a project. That’s the way most things get done in my life, publicly state that I’m going to build something and then make it happen. The project is a podcast directory.

A Django site.I’m a podcaster. I have had a podcast of some sort for the last 3 years. The latest one is Fat 2 Fit Radio. As I’ve tried to promote the podcast, I’ve been surprised at the crappiness of the podcast directories out there. There are a bunch of them, but none are great. The idea is create a podcast directory that is super simple, lists podcasts by topic, separate video and audio podcasts, and generally make it a place to find and not subscribe to podcasts. Subscribing is better done on an aggregator.

I’m going to be repurposing one of my domain names to get this project going. The domain name is podcastersfriend.com. Previously/currently it is a WordPress blog with some pages of audio equipment that a podcaster might be interested in. I’ll probably add these pages to the new site, but for now it will be going bye-bye.

So there it is. A podcast directory written with Django. I’ll chronicle the progress, post code, and generally solicit help from anyone reading these posts.

Here goes!

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