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Pownce is Down: Does anybody care?

I just updated my Firefox installation to the Beta 3 version. I’ve been using Flock, but when I heard Leo Laporte and one other person talk about how great Firefox 3 is, I had to try it out. Funny enough the last time that I opened Firefox my homepage was set to Pownce. When I brought up the new version, I was greeted with this:

Pownce is Down

When Twitter is down I hear about it on Facebook and other micro-blogging platforms. Pownce was down and there’s one post at Digg that it’s down and 2 people “dugg” it.

I like the service, and as a high profile Django powered site, I’m hoping the service succeeds. As I learn the framework, I’m also looking at Pownce for what’s possible with Django.

Anyway, it’s back up now, so disaster averted. Look me up on Pownce when you get a chance.

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