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The Power of Pressure

16, Feb 2008

What You Say About This? – video powered by Metacafe

This is probably the most simple Django file ever. I’m just not there yet. I’ve been reading about using the generic views in your own views, but I haven’t implemented that yet. I’ve not posted the templates as I had mentioned in the last post. I’m still struggling with getting the value out of […]

Great tips for small business owners, WordPress users and SEO.

Starting in May of 2005, until the unintended final show in December 2006, I did a music podcast called Razing Giants. It was a “weekly” podcast, and I use the term weekly very loosely. When I started my next podcast, Fat Guy Radio, Razing Giants suffered until it finally died. Apparently I can only do […]

My podcast of the week at The Podcast Studio, for last week, was Boagworld. It’s a web design/development podcast. This is the kind of article that I expect to hear about on that show. This one talks about 10 principles of effective web design. It talks about things like white space, effective writing, and simplicity […]

Okay, I’ve added the generic views for the podcast list and the podcast detail. These were fairly simple once you looked at the right examples and documentation online. I’d like to say that the create_object and update_object generic views were working as well. I’ve got the create_object working, but the update_object won’t work. If anyone […]

Alright, this seems a little embarassing. I’ve never put up code before for public scrutiny. I put up podcasts all the time that may be a little iffy, I make blog posts, but this seems different. I’m learning this and so I feel very naked posting this. But here it is any way. I’m not […]

I’ve had a bug in my bonnet to create a web application with Python/Django. I started this blog, under a different name, to get me started learning Python. That didn’t work so well, but the one thing that it did get me excited about is Django. I would like to build something in Django, I […]