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Hey Asshole, Quit Replying to All

So I get this e-mail from Shannon at Big Machine Media. They’re a marketing and advertisement company. Here’s the e-mail:

Hey there!

This is Shannon from Big Machine Media, a publicity and marketing company that represents music and celebrity clients. I am currently doing a research project and would like to get more information about your blog. Please let me know what types of music and other media you are interested in writing about, what you enjoy listening to and any other pertinent information you would like to share.

We also may have music, press kits and other information you may be interested in. If you would like us to send you these items, please respond with your preferred snail-mailing address and e-mail address, contact phone number, and if you prefer a specific music format (i.e. mp3, etc.) please specify that as well. If you have any questions about us and our clients, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Here is our website for more information: www.bigmachinemedia.com

We hope to hear from you soon!

Big Machine Media

It’s obvious looks like spam. I was going to delete the e-mail, but I noticed that there were something like 10 e-mails in the “conversation” on Gmail. Shannon made the age old mistake of CC-ing everyone she was sending the e-mail to instead of BCC-ing them. Holy shit, you would have thought she killed a fucking puppy. It’s inevitable that whoever was on the CC list, “replys to all” thereby making the whole damn thing worse.

Now instead of 1 e-mail spam, I’ve got guys like Chris Penn and a host of others posting e-mails like the following:

Might I suggest that when you send out spam, you BCC your mailing
list, rather than send a large message to 340 recipients, most of whom
probably didn’t want their email addresses published in so public a

Oh, and please remove me from Big Machine Media’s mailing list. I can
guarantee that your artists and musicians will NOT be played on my
show now.


Christopher S. Penn
Producer, the Financial Aid Podcast
Daily free financial aid internet radio, no iPod required
FinancialAidPodcast [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: FinAidPodcast
Show hotline: (206) 350-1208

Then there’s those great reply to alls that tell everyone else to stop replying to all. That makes sense.

Companies send out e-mails, sometimes they’re unsolicited, sometimes they aren’t. Sending out an e-mail like Big Machine Media did was definitely amateur. I definitely won’t be contacting them. But, replying to all is some real amateur bullshit that I don’t expect from guys like Chris Penn. Maybe you think you’re making a point, but in the end all you’re doing is filling up my inbox with more crap that I have to delete.

And…isn’t that what spam is?

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